H A N G A R   T W O

Hangar 2 is a custom built conferencing facility which has been designed to facilitate your business conference needs with its bespoke equipment, including :-

  • WiFi connectivity

  • Custom built stage with seating for 3/4 people, plus 1 standing at the pedestal

  • Radio and/or lapel microphones to both seated and pedestal areas

  • 3 x 10" built in LCD screens on the stage to view your presentation

  • Full mixing desk with sound and light control facilities

  • Twin zone sound covering above stage and the rear seating area

  • CD and DVD player

  • Ceiling mounted wireless projector

  • Remote controlled 12ft projector screen


The hangar dimensions are 58ft x 45ft. The hangar can hold up to 220 people in a theatre style setup. Access is via Hangar One.